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ACW Communications

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In an era of stock related and investor relations based, business calls, it can be difficult to sort the legitimate opportunity from the rip-offs.

We know how these companies gain access to your number, and we know who has productive ideas and solutions and who are only looking for an easy dollar.

This is How it Works:


ACW Communications

First, we meet with the leaders of your company (as well as with the people who answer the phone) to determine how large or small of a problem and ultimately a solution that will fit your needs.

Communication Service

ACW Communications

Based on your specific company needs are, we establish your company an informational web site, an email address, and phone number (local and/or toll free) that you can use on all of your publicly available materials and filings. All three of these are tracked and monitored to ensure that you don't miss a single opportunity and know of everyone who calls or otherwise communicates with you. We then answer the calls and emails in a fashion that you direct us, and give out information where you want it distributed. We act as a firewall between you and the public.If desired, at the end of the day, week, or month, we send you a report of all the numbers and emails that have come into your company, color coded alerting you to which ones may be in your best interest to speak with vs ones that you would otherwise be wasting your time.

We never keep any data from you and it will ultimately be your decision as to who's calls you return and who's you do not. We do not just screen your calls, but take them as an employee of your company.

Our operators are trained in understanding your business and needs, and we know how to effectively and professionally handle your calls. We have the education, experience, and savvy that a receptionist would not, at a lower cost.

Media Brokerage

ACW Communications

Our years of experience, combined with our use of custom software and access to leased databases of information facilitate list recommendations and list management activities which allow us to serve our clients with quality, state-of-the-art services. We also maintain a prospect database generated from dozens of sources within the direct marketing field, which allows us to efficiently target the most appropriate mailers with advertising on behalf of each of our list owners.

Our List Brokerage Division is continually expanding its size and range to include ancillary services such as Merge/Purge, Telephone Appending, Data Enhancement, Response Analysis, E-newsletter Partnerships, Webcasts, and White Paper Postings.

Our List Management Division, which manages over 150 domestic and international lists is staffed by dedicated sales and customer service teams. These teams provide an effective sales and marketing service, while coordinating List Maintenance, List Rental Fulfillment and List Enhancement for our List Owners. All these services interact to earn the highest possible revenue for a List Owner at the lowest possible expense to our clients. We have extensive experience managing email lists, and alternate media.

We offer International List Management. These services include international list brokerage and international list management. We also advise mailers on what to look for and to expect when mailing internationally. Our International staff helps take the mystery out of international direct and electronic mail by supplying our clients with accurate and helpful advice.

We also offer Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services to our clients and are continually expanding our services and expertise in this very results oriented field. Our strong direct marketing background has allowed us to understand buyer behavior and apply our knowledge to help online marketers exceed their ROI goals.

We use our in-depth knowledge of direct, email, and search engine marketing in order to help you find new prospects and investors; turn your house file into a profit center through list management; plan successful direct marketing campaigns; and get the most from your marketing investments through cost effective computer services. We are ready to become your marketing partner, working together with you to produce direct and online marketing profits.


ACW Communications

At a term of your choosing (daily, weekly, monthly) you will receive a report with all the information we have collected, color coding the information to let you know what we believe about the people and/or companies contacting you, emphasizing those who we believe hold a real opportunity. Regardless of our rating, we will not leave anything out. You will know exactly who called you and when.

Service Fee

ACW Communications

Depending on the needs of your company, the estimated call demand, the length of the contract, as well as the amount of reports that you will need, you will find our prices very affordable. Our client's can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2500 a month depending on their needs.